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Cefalù is one of the destinations in Sicily with a charm all its own and in fact is one of the 19 Sicilian towns that are part of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy circuit. Its medieval appearance is especially visible in the neighborhood called “crucidda.” Walking through it is like taking a dip into the past. Such a beautiful place could not help but spark the imagination of the ancients, giving rise to myths and legends. That of Daphnis and Naide is linked to two different places in the town: the Rock and the Cefalino River, which feeds the ancient medieval Wash House. Another symbolic place in Cefalù is also linked to a legend. It is the Cathedral, which has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site within the site since 2015: Arab-Norman Palermo and the cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale. In fact, it is said that the church was built at the behest of Roger II of Altavilla as a form of thanksgiving to God for surviving a storm. In 1920 Cefalù was chosen by Aleister Crowley as a destination to recover from bronchitis and asthma. A very ambiguous character, he chose as his home a house in the Santa Barbara district where he founded the so-called “Abbey of Thelema.” Instead, in the Mandralisca Museum is one of Antonello da Messina‘s masterpieces that can be seen in Sicily. It is the Ritratto di Ignoto (Portrait of an Unknown), whose enigmatic expression fascinates anyone who meets his gaze. If you are also a sea lover, the beaches of Lido di Cefalù or those of Mezzoforno, Salinelle and Capo Playa will surely be able to meet your needs.


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