Un piatto di zucca in agrodolce alla siciliana

Sicilian sweet and sour pumpkins

    Sicilian-style sweet and sour pumpkin is a popular dish throughout the island, born in Palermo where it is called “liver of the seven cannoli”. The name probably refers to the Fountain of the Garaffello in Palermo which has seven running water mouths.

    Panino ripieno di panelle una ricetta tipica palermitana

    Panelle (Sicilian Chickpea fritters)

      Panelle are one of the most famous dishes of Palermo street food. These are squares of chickpea polenta which are then fried in seed oil. In the past it was a dish prepared only on the occasion of the feast of Saint Lucia, while today fortunately it is available all year round.

      Braciole messinesi: uno spiedino di involtini di carne preparato alla messinese

      Braciole messinesi

        The Messina chops are one of the symbolic dishes of the city of the Strait. Depending on their size, they are also called Messina-style braciolettine. These are very tasty meat rolls with a delicious external breading and a delicious internal filling.

        Fotografia dall'alto di un piatto di caciocavalo all'argentiera, una ricetta tipica di Palermo

        Caciocavallo all’argentiera

          Argentiera caciocavallo is a typical recipe of Palermo cuisine but which is now also widespread in other areas of Sicily. It is a very simple and very quick dish but with an exceptional aroma and taste.

          La mostarda di uva: un dolce tipico siciliano

          Mostarda di uva siciliana

            The Sicilian grape mustard is a typical dessert that is prepared during the harvest period. It is a kind of pudding prepared using freshly squeezed must. This is first reduced by half and then enriched with the addition of walnuts, cloves and cinnamon.

            La frittedda palermitana, un piatto a base di fave, carciofi e piselli

            The Palermo frittedda

              Frittedda is a traditional recipe from Palermo. Contrary to what the name might suggest, there is nothing fried in this recipe.

              Piatto di busiate trapanesi con il ragù di tonno

              Busiate trapanesi al ragù di tonno

                Ragù di tonno (tuna sauce) is a traditional sauce from the Trapani area. This part of Sicily has always been at the heart of the routes taken by the prized Mediterranean bluefin tuna and, until a few years ago, they were fished at the Tonnara di Favignana (Favignana Tuna Factory).

                Pasta con i broccoli arriminati alla palermitana

                Pasta with Broccoli Arriminati (Palermo version)

                  Pasta with ‘broccoli arriminati’ is a dish that is prepared in several Sicilian towns. This is the Palermo version. Despite the name, the star of this recipe is not broccoli but green cauliflower, which is called ‘vròcculu’.

                  Torta salata di bietole ricotta, ricetta tipica di Enna

                  Chard and Ricotta Pie

                    The Torta di Sarchi e Ricotta (Chard and Ricotta Pie) is a typical recipe from the Enna area. Sarchi or sacchi is the term for chard in this area. This is a very quick and easy recipe that can become a main course if served with a substantial side.

                    Taglierini ai carciofi, ricetta tipica di Enna

                    Taglierini with artichokes

                      Taglierini ai carciofi (in Sicilian: Tagghiarini che Cacocciula or in English ‘with artichokes’) is a typical pasta dish from the province of Enna.

                      Spaghetti alla siracusana con mollica, acciughe e olive

                      Spaghetti alla siracusana

                        Spaghetti alla siracusana is a very enjoyable and quick, but also very tasty dish. It is a variation on pasta with anchovies and toasted breadcrumbs, which is very popular in various parts of Sicily.