Bue Marino Cave (Filicudi)

La Grotta del Bue Marino sull'isola di Filicudi

The Grotta del Bue Marino on Filicudi, also known as the “Green Cave”, is located on the north-western side of the island, near the famous Punta Perciato. It is the largest cave in the Aeolian Islands and certainly one of the most beautiful and fascinating, featuring an incredible play of light. It is twenty metres high, thirty metres wide and twenty metres deep. On entering the Grotta del Bue Marino on Filicudi, after a series of stalactites and stalagmites with a green hue, you come to a small pebble beach formed by the sea over time. The name refers to what fishermen used to call the monk seal, whose natural habitat is sea caves. According to another version, the name stems from the sound created by the sea inside the cave, similar to the sound of an ox. The monk seal, which is now protected and at risk of extinction, was once widespread in Sicily and, in fact, the nickname “Bue Marino” (“Sea Ox”) is very common. A cove called “del Bue Marino” can be found, for example, in Favignana, San Vito Lo Capo and Pantelleria. In order to protect the habitat and this species, boats will no longer be allowed to enter the cave from 2020. The only way to reach it is, therefore, by swimming.

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