The Piazzetta Arti e Mestieri (Lipari)

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The Piazza Arti e Mestieri (Arts and Crafts Square) in Lipari is a small area located a short distance from Marina Corta. It is also called Sopra La Terra and today it is very famous for the so-called Lipari Murals. The idea was born in the 80’s on the initiative of Professor Caterina Conti, who called the artists Luciana Livi and Italo Campagnoli to create them. As is often the case, the Lipari murals depicted the inhabitants of the houses themselves, looking out from their balconies or in moments of everyday life. In 2017 the artist from Pesaro returned to Lipari to restore her work, extending the life of these works of art for another twenty years

Preview image: Davide Mauro (Licenza CC BY-SA 4.0)

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