Church of Santa Maria di Gesù (Noto)

Church of Santa Maria del Gesù in Noto
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The church of Santa Maria del Gesù in Noto was built in memory of the church of the same name in Noto Antica, which was destroyed by the earthquake of 1693. The building was designed by the architect Vincenzo Sinatra and dates back to the 1840s. The exterior of the church has a remarkable scenic effect because it is elevated above the street to which it is connected by a double trapezoidal staircase. The interior has a single nave and, although small, preserves some interesting works. Among them are: a 16th century Madonna with Child from Noto Antica and the altar-piece Madonna with Parents St. Anne and St. Joachim by Costantino Carasi. One of the bells of the church of Santa Maria del Gesù in Noto bears the signature of the founders who made it in 1455. They were brothers Antonio and Gaspare Arena from the small town of Tortorici, known in the past as the “city of bells”.

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