Di Lorenzo Castelluccio Palace

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Palazzo Di Lorenzo Castelluccio is one of the most beautiful noble residences you can visit in Noto. The palace was designed in 1782 by the architect Vincenzo Sinatra for Corrado Di Lorenzo, Marquis of Castelluccio. After being owned by the Order of the Knights of Malta for about thirty years, in 2011 it was bought by the French tycoon Jean Louis Remillieux, who had it restored. Since 2018, Palazzo Castelluccio is open to the public..

History of the Di Lorenzo Castelluccio Palace in Noto

The construction of the Di Lorenzo Castelluccio Palace dates back to 1782, during the reconstruction of the city of Noto after the earthquake of 1693. It was the home of the Di Lorenzo, Marquis of Castelluccio, one of the oldest Sicilian families in Noto. After the death of the last Marquis, the palace was inherited by the Order of the Knights of Malta, which remained in possession for about 30 years. In 2011, French film producer Jean Louis Remillieux bought the property and had it restored at his own expense. After four years of work, Palazzo Castelluccio was reopened to the public in 2018. The restoration work was conservative in nature and aimed at cleaning the tempera and decorations, as well as the floor tiles. The original fixtures and doors were preserved, and the electrical system was restored.

Interesting fact: Palazzo Castelluccio is one of the locations in Noto used in the 2021 film Cyrano, directed by Joe Wright.

Architecture and rooms of Palazzo Di Lorenzo Castelluccio

The architectural design of Palazzo Di Lorenzo Castelluccio is by the architect Vincenzo Sinatra, who was responsible for the construction of many other monuments in Noto, such as Palazzo Ducezio, the Cathedral of Noto and Palazzo Nicolaci. The façade of the palace does not follow the baroque canons typical of the reconstruction of the city, but rather the neoclassical style in vogue at the end of the 18th century. There are eight rooms to visit, each with a large number of 18th and 19th century furnishings from the personal collection of Jean Louis Remillieux. The original furniture and all the original objects were stolen when the château was abandoned. Among the most important pieces that can be admired are: a clock from the first half of the 17th century that came from a church in the province of Palermo; a portrait of General Murat by the French painter Girodet; and a mahogany armchair made by Jacob, a cabinetmaker for the Bonaparte family.

The kitchens and stables of Palazzo Castelluccio

Inside Palazzo Di Lorenzo Castelluccio it is also possible to visit the old kitchens and stables. The restoration has preserved the original environment of the kitchens, limited only to the restoration of the electrical system. It is possible to see the food hoist, a stone oven and the servants’ dining room. The stables have been completely restored and renovated. Sicilian ceramics have been used in the troughs to facilitate cleaning.

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