Hercules Fountain (Noto)

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The Fountain of Hercules is a work created in 1757 by the sculptor Giuseppe Orlando. At the top there is a statue of the Greek hero from Noto Antica. It was added in 1790 and moved from its place in the square of the old Senatorial Palace. Hercules is represented in a moment of rest, after the hard fight and the killing of the Nemean lion. In 1893 some changes were made to the statue and the club the hero held in his left hand was replaced by a shield with the symbol of Noto. The fountain has a square base with a cylindrical shaft on which several putti hold several basins with their heads. Below the statue of Hercules, there are lion heads from which water gushes. The Fountain of Hercules of Noto has an important symbolic value for the city. On the night of May 15-16, 1860, some anti-Bourbon youths raised the first tricolor flag, the emblem of Garibaldi’s revolution, with the inscription “Death to those who touch this banner”.

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