Vendicari Beach

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The beach of Vendicari is one of the five beaches of the natural reserve of the same name. The ruins of the Tonnara di Vendicari, combined with the crystal clear sea and golden sand, make this place in Sicily a must-see destination.

Vendicari Beach

The beach of Vendicari is located in the southern part of the reserve, between the beaches of Calamosche and San Lorenzo. The beach has a very long sandy coastline that slopes gently, making it suitable for families with children. As with all the beaches in the reserve, there are no bathing or refreshment facilities. You have to bring everything you need for the day. If you have children, it is also important to know that, according to the regulations of the Reserve, you cannot bring balls or beach toys. The characteristic feature of Vendicari beach is the presence of Posidonia in the first meters of the seabed. It is absolutely harmless, even fundamental for the ecosystem. Beyond this point, the sea becomes crystal clear, a true paradise for snorkelers.

The monuments and sights of Vendicari Beach

From the beach of Vendicari it is possible to reach several places of interest that are located nearby. The entire panorama is dominated by the ruins of the Tonnara di Vendicari, which was active until the second half of the 1990s. Just before reaching the Tonnara, you will come across the Torre Sveva, a 15th century structure used as a lookout point against pirate attacks. If you are a fan of Commissario Montalbano, you may remember it because some scenes of the episode “La gita a Tindari” were filmed here. Not far from the Torre Sveva, dug into the rocks, you can see ancient tanks from the Hellenistic period, used for the processing of tuna and the production of garum. Just in front of the beach is the island of Vendicari, now uninhabited, but you can still see the brick house of the old owner of the tuna fishery.

How to reach the beach

To reach the beach of Vendicari, it is necessary to drive along the provincial road SP 19, which goes from Noto to Pachino, up to the main entrance of the reserve. From here, a dirt road leads to the parking lot. Once you have left your car, walk along a tree-lined path that skirts the old salt pans of Vendicari. At the end of the path, a wooden footbridge leads directly to the beach.

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