Gonfalone Quarry

Cava Gonfalone (Gonfalone quarry) is an important site of industrial archaeology in Ragusa. A latomia where stone blocks were quarried to rebuild Ibla and to construct the buildings of the new part after the earthquake of 1693. This very special place was used for the shooting of two episodes of Commissario Montalbano.

What is the Gonfalone quarry in Ragusa?

The quarry of Gonfalone is one of the latomie used to extract the material needed for the reconstruction of Ragusa after the earthquake of 1693. From here the “pirriaturi”, or miners, extracted blocks of stone for over 200 years. They were used both for the reconstruction of Ibla and for the construction of the new city. During the Second World War, this underground environment was used as an air raid shelter. Cava Gonfalone was closed in the 1940s with the advent of new open-pit mining techniques. The tunnels of this latomie extend for more than 15 thousand square meters under the city. In the deepest and darkest part of the quarry there is an artificial lake to collect rainwater.

Interesting fact: The quarry of Gonfalone was used as a backdrop in the episodes of Commissario Montalbano: Equal Time and As Per Procedure.

Where to find it and how to visit it

The Gonfalone quarry is located in a suburb of the new town of Ragusa. It can be reached on foot by walking along Via Risorgimento until you reach a small road in front of the entrance. From the Cathedral of S. Giovanni it is a 15 minute walk. Alternatively, you can reach the quarry by car and park nearby. Visits to the quarry are only possible by appointment and on certain days of the week. It is recommended to consult the dedicated website. The entrance fee is 5 euros and always includes a guide. For groups of more than 10 people it is possible to book a special opening. The temperature inside the quarry of Gonfalone is about 21°C. It is therefore important to be prepared for high temperatures, especially in summer.

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