Sortino Trono Palace

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The Sortino Trono Palace is one of the noble palaces of Ragusa included in the UNESCO itinerary: Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto. It was built in several stages between 1778 and 1793 on the initiative of Don Ignazio Sortino Trono. It can be reached by a flight of steps in Via del Mercato that leads to a large terrace, commonly called “Piano dei Signori”. The elevation is marked by five pilasters that culminate in capitals and identify four different sectors. In the last one, shifted to the right, there is the large entrance portal. It supports a balcony with a linear frame in limestone with pitchstone inlays. The three side balconies have large pitchstone corbels carved with plant motifs and, in the openings, limestone frames with a characteristic “lambrecchino” frieze in rococo style. Palazzo Sortino Trono is currently closed to the public.

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