Sights of Salina

La Spiaggia di Rinella sull'isola di Salina

Rinella Beach

Rinella Beach is located in the southwestern part of Salina and is the island’s only sandy beach. It is overlooked by caves hollowed out of the rock that were once used by fishermen as shelters for their boats.

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Spiaggia della Pollara sull'isola di Salina

Pollara Beach

Pollara beach is one of the most beautiful in all the Aeolian islands. It is located on the north-western side of the island and is now world-famous because some scenes from the film Il Postino: The Postman were shot there.

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Spiaggia dello Scario a Malfa sull'Isola di Salina

Scario Beach

Scario Beach is located in the northern part of Salina. It is the main access point to the sea in the part of the island called Malfa. The beach is so named because, in the past, this was a port of call for sailing ships trading with Campania.

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