Scario Beach

Spiaggia dello Scario a Malfa sull'Isola di Salina

Scario Beach is located in the northern part of Salina. It is the main access point to the sea in the part of the island called Malfa. The beach is so named because, in the past, this was a port of call for sailing ships trading with Campania. It seems that the name Malfa itself comes from Amalfi. In the 12th century, a group from Amalfi moved here, attracted by the benefits granted by the Normans for repopulating the island. To reach Scario Beach, it takes only a 5-minute walk from the centre of the village, followed by a flight of steps leading directly to this beautiful cove. The beach is made up of pebbles and is completely surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation. There is also a small kiosk open in the summer, where you can rent beach beds, which are especially useful if you don’t like to lie on the stones or if your back needs a break after a while.

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