Sights of Siracusa

Ear of Dionysius

The Ear of Dionysius, or Ear of Dionysius, is one of the most famous monuments in Syracuse and all of Sicily. It is one of the artificial caves that are part of the Latomia del Paradiso, an ancient stone quarry used to build the city’s monuments during the Greek period.

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Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi

Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum

The Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum is one of the most important and prestigious museums in Europe. Its current location is Villa Andolina, a splendid late-19th-century building surrounded by a large park with centuries-old trees and where artefacts from the Greek and Roman periods have been found.

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Facciata della splendida Cattedrale di Siracusa

Syracuse Cathedral

Syracuse Cathedral is one of the city’s most extraordinary and fascinating landmarks. Its current appearance is due to a major reconstruction in the 6th century AD. The original nucleus was a Greek temple, dedicated to Athena, which was walled in and later converted into a Byzantine church.

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Arethusa Spring

The Fonte Aretusa (Arethusa’s Spring) is certainly one of the most mysterious and fascinating places in Syracuse. A freshwater spring, located just a few metres from the sea, that has sparked the imagination of poets and writers from time immemorial.

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