Church of Varò (Taormina)

The Varò Church in Taormina
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Taormina’s Church of Varò or the Church of the Visitation is reached by a flight of steps near the Porta di Mezzo or Clock Tower. Its construction began at the end of the 18th century and was completed at the beginning of the following century. In the place where the church of Varò stands, there was already a temple. In the rear part of the building there is a crypt that could date back to the time of the persecution of the Christians. The exterior of the church is very simple, except for the main portal in Taormina stone and the small bell tower. Inside, on the wall behind the high altar, there is a fresco by the painter Vincenzo Tuccari from Messina (1699) depicting the Triumph of the Cross. Also in the church are a diptych by the painter Antonino Giuffrè from Messina, dedicated to the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, now in the Interdisciplinary Regional Museum of Messina, and a triptych, also dedicated to the Visitation, now in the Cathedral of Taormina. To the right of the high altar is the tomb of Count Giovanni Romano e Dente, who died in 1699. The church of Varò is the starting point of the annual Good Friday procession in Taormina. The women of the congregation of the Madonna Addolorata, all dressed in black, carry a statue of the Virgin on their shoulders through the streets of the old town.

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