Palace of Badia Vecchia (Taormina)

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The Palace of Badia Vecchia (Old Abbey) is located in the upper part of Taormina, along the road that leads to the Castle of Monte Tauro and Castelmola. The construction of the palace dates back to the 14th century, when a Norman defense tower was transformed into a manor house. The name may derive from the fact that the palace housed an “abbey”, i.e. an abbey, but for some scholars it was rather the residence of the Abbess of Messina. Certainly, the palace housed important figures in the government of the city, even from a religious point of view. This is suggested by the discovery of a golden crucifix, now lost, in a well in Badia Vecchia, and a small painting, now kept in the former church of Sant’Agostino. The palace of Badia Vecchia is a splendid example of Sicilian Gothic, similar in type and decorative apparatus to the Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano. The building is on three levels, each one consisting of a single room with a square plan. The façade has a string course with geometric friezes in white stone on a black pumice background. At the end, the building is decorated with swallowtail battlements. On the façade facing the city, there are three splendid pointed mullioned windows, which also appear on the side walls. The palace of Badia Vecchia, which was first used as a post office and later as the headquarters of the Taormina Archaeological Museum, is currently unused.

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