Cala del Bue Marino Beach (Favignana)

Cala del Bue Marino is certainly one of Favignana’s most fascinating beaches. This cove is located in the eastern part of the island, where one of the calcarenite limestone quarries was once located. Boats called ‘schifazze‘ were moored in the waters in front of the cove, where the freshly extracted blocks were loaded.

Cala del Bue Marino: How to get there

The Cala del Bue Marino is located about 5 km from the centre of Favignana. To reach it, follow the signs for Cala Rossa and then continue on to Bue Marino. The last part of the route is a stretch of dirt road. The sea is deep at this point and there are very strong currents. The beach is, therefore, not particularly suitable for children or the elderly. It is highly advisable to wear water shoes when entering the water.

Cala del Bue Marino di Favignana: Origin of the name

The term Bue Marino (‘mammarinu‘ in the local dialect) is usually used by fishermen to refer to the Mediterranean monk seal. This species is currently at risk of extinction and there are only 700 of them left. Since 2010, monk seals have been sighted in Marettimo, in the Grotta del Cammello and in one of Favignana’s caves. One of the projects carried out by the Egadi Islands Marine Protected Area was the creation of the Monaca Seal Observatory, located in the Castello di Punta Troia in Marettimo, which will be used as a visitors’ centre and as a place where researchers engaged in monitoring this species can stay and study.

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