Sicily nude beaches: what they are and where to find them

    Sicily nude beaches

    In this article we present the best naturist and nude beaches in Sicily. Whether you are a committed naturist or looking for your first experience, this is the perfect guide for you. Although there is currently only one authorized naturist beach in Sicily, there are many more places where full sunbathing is possible. By visiting beaches where naturism is an established practice, you will avoid fines and be safe from prying eyes.

    What is naturism and nudism?

    The terms naturism and nudism are often used interchangeably. The International Naturist Federation gave its definition of naturism at the 14th World Naturist Congress held in France in 1974. This was defined as “a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, which aims to promote self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment”. Naturism is actually a movement that arose in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a reaction to the excesses of industrial civilization and urbanism. The idea behind it was the search for a more direct contact with nature, a predominantly vegetarian diet and a return to a simpler life, also based on the elimination of clothing. The concept of nudism is often associated with beaches and the sun. Naturism, on the other hand, is a broader philosophy that includes, for example, being naked in the home.

    Nudism and naturism in Italian Law

    There is currently no law regulating naturism in Italy. However, some regions have adopted specific laws to authorize the practice of naturism on certain beaches. In Sicily there is only one authorized beach, that of Bulala, in the territory of Gela. However, there are several beaches where naturism has been practiced for many years. Full nudity is forbidden in places other than those authorized or marked as naturist beaches. The risk is to incur an administrative penalty.

    Nude beaches in Sicily

    There are several places along the Sicilian coast where naturism has been practiced for many years. Naturally, there has been no shortage of criticism and protests from local residents, and even legal disputes. However, some national rulings have definitively established that naturism is not a crime. Asina (Sicilian Naturism Association), a territorial promotion group of Anita, the Italian Naturism Association, was also born in 2021. The proposed beaches are those where naturism is an established practice and are therefore the most suitable, especially for those approaching this philosophy for the first time.

    Marianelli Beach

    Marianelli Beach, the naturist and gay friendly beach in the Vendicari Reserve
    Marianelli Beach

    We begin this list of nude beaches in Sicily with one of the five beaches of the Vendicari Reserve: the Marianelli Beach. It is an oasis of peace and tranquility that has been frequented by naturists for many years. During the summer period, when the town is at its busiest, some of this magic is lost, but thanks to the very mild Sicilian climate, it is possible to enjoy the beach even in May, June and September. The part occupied by naturists is usually the one on the left, near the mouth of the river Tellaro. The beach of Marianelli, like the whole city of Noto, is one of the most important “gay friendly” destinations in Sicily.

    San Saba Beach

    For this review of naturist and nudist beaches in Sicily, we now move to the province of Messina. The beach of San Saba is famous throughout the Messina area for its Monte Saba. It is a large rocky promontory completely covered with sand. This makes it possible to climb it directly from the beach and once at the top you can enjoy a magnificent view. Children and older people like to roll from the top down to the sea. The part of the beach behind the sand hill has been used by naturists for many years.

    Fondaco Parrino Beach

    Also in the province of Messina is another naturist beach: that of Fondaco Parrino. It is located a few kilometers from Taormina, between the towns of Sant’Alessio Siculo and Letojanni. It is a long beach that stretches for about 500 meters, squeezed between the sea and the state road. The coastline consists of sand and pebbles and is washed by a beautiful turquoise sea. The beach is recognized as gay friendly and has been frequented by naturists and nudists for several years.

    Torre Salsa Beach

    Torre Salsa Beach
    Torre Salsa Beach

    In the territory of Agrigento, between Eraclea Minoa and Siculiana, there is the beautiful beach of Torre Salsa. It is a stretch of sand that extends for more than 2 kilometers and is part of the Torre Salsa Reserve, currently managed by the WWF. Naturists have been visiting this place for many, many years and usually occupy the second half of the beach, known as Funcitella. It is definitely one of the most fascinating naturist beaches in Sicily. Here it is possible to admire the immensity of the sea horizon in a setting where white marl and sand dunes alternate.

    Platani Mouth Beach

    Platani Mouth Beach
    Platani Mouth Beach

    A little further north of Torre Salsa beach is another of Sicily’s natural reserves: that of the mouth of the river Platani. It is an area of more than 206 hectares characterized by an ecosystem of riparian vegetation and Mediterranean scrub, frequented by many species of migratory birds. Completing this picture is the long stretch of sand with low dunes of the beach of the mouth of the river Platani. It stretches for more than four kilometers from Borgo Bonsignore, a hamlet in the Ribera, to Capo Bianco. It is a rocky formation very similar to the Scala dei Turchi, at the top of which are the remains of Heraclea Minoa, a Greek city built at the end of the 6th century BC. C. The area frequented by naturists is between Capo Bianco and the mouth of the river.

    Capo Gallo Beach

    The reserve of Capo Gallo is a small paradise located between Mondello and Sferracavallo. An unspoilt stretch of coast made up entirely of rocks. If you like to lie on the sand and easily enter the water, this is probably the least suitable of the nudist beaches in Sicily. In fact, there is no real beach in this area. It is essential to have rock shoes and to lie on the rocks. The access to the reserve is paid and can be done between three different points. Entering from the Mondello side, naturism and nudism are practiced on the part of the coast that follows the lighthouse. Entering from the opposite side, that of Sferracavallo, naturism is practiced in the central area of the reserve, in the so-called Spiaggia delle Vergini.

    Salinelle Beach

    Also in the province of Palermo is another of the nudist and naturist beaches in Sicily. It is the Salinelle beach, the most popular but also the largest of those in the small town of Lascari. It is a sandy area mixed with pebbles that extends for 3 kilometers, where all sea lovers can find their place. There are families with children, teenagers, windsurfers and, of course, naturists. From July to October, this beach becomes even more fascinating with the blooming of the sea lilies. These distinctive white-flowered plants grow wild on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Their intense fragrance can be smelled on windless summer evenings.

    Bulala Beach

    The Bulala beach in Gela is the only authorized naturist beach in Sicily. Unfortunately, the situation in this area has been very critical for several years. There is a very large amount of rubbish on the shore, brought from the sea or abandoned. You can find confirmation of this in the many reports and photos available online. Despite the fact that it is a potentially beautiful beach, we absolutely do not recommend visiting or swimming in this stretch of sea. We hope that the area will soon be cleaned up and the situation returned to normal.

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