Rinella Beach

La Spiaggia di Rinella sull'isola di Salina

Rinella Beach is located in the southwestern part of Salina and is the island’s only sandy beach. It is overlooked by caves hollowed out of the rock that were once used by fishermen as shelters for their boats. The sand is black and has a distinctive crescent shape. The seabed is shallow and gently sloping, and snorkellers can enjoy a close-up view of the “sconcassi” phenomenon, which is the release of gas and steam from the seabed.

Rinella Beach and the “war of the Volcanoes”

Over the years, several films have been shot in the Aeolian Islands and, in particular, on Salina. While the beautiful Pollara Beach was the backdrop for some scenes in the film “Il Postino: The Postman“, Rinella Beach appears in the film “Vulcano“, starring Anna Magnani. This film is most famous for certain events that have gone down in history as “The War of the Volcanoes“. In 1949, director Roberto Rossellini, married but also romantically linked to actress Anna Magnani, was at the height of his success. However, he received a letter from Ingrid Bergman, the undisputed diva of cinema at the time. Rossellini dumped Magnani and became the Swedish actress’s lover. The director then shot the film “Stromboli“, with Bergman as the star, on the island of the same name. At the same time, Anna Magnani was filming scenes for William Dieterle’s film “Vulcano” on Rinella beach. The actress hoped to get her revenge through box-office success. In fact, neither film proved very popular with the public.

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