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The ancient inhabited center of Castelmola was founded by the Siculians in the 8th century B.C. with the name Myle, from the Greek word mylax. meaning rock. For several centuries its castle was the strongest link in a chain of fortifications that also included those of Milazzo, Ficarra, Tripi, Castroreale, Castiglione and Francavilla. Today the Mola Castle houses a Medieval Museum and the International School of Falconry. If you love trekking, you can reach Castelmola by following the ancient road that connected it to Taormina. The so-called Saracen Way will lead you first to the Porta dei Saraceni, one of the ancient entrances to the town of Myle, and then to the Church of San Biagio. From here you can start exploring the village. The alternatives, which are much more convenient, are by car or, even better, by bus. In this case, your tour will start from the beautiful Piazza Sant’Antonio. Much of Castelmola’s worldwide fame today is due to Bar Turrisi, one of the most famous bars in all of Sicily. Inside, from the bathroom handles to the lamps to the menus, everything has a phallic shape. A true temple dedicated to passion and fertility. In another historical place of Castelmola, the Antico Caffè San Giorgio, the product par excellence of the village was born instead: the almond wine.


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