Porticello Beach (Lipari)

Porticello Beach is located in the northern part of the island of Lipari, a few kilometres away from the town centre. It stretches between the old pumice quarry at Campo Bianco and the black obsidian deposit at Rocche Rosse. Porticello Beach is made up of pebbles with some sand in places, particularly along the shore. The Havana Beach lido provides parasol and deckchair rental. There is also a bar nearby where you can have lunch. In one part of the Porticello beach, the remains of the Pumex extraction facilities can still be seen. This was the company that was responsible for extracting pumice from the Lipari quarries up until 2007. In the sea, you can still see the long pier that connected the quarry to the boats. This area is currently restricted and, therefore, not accessible.

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