The Nino Ucchino Steel Art Gallery

La statua dell'Asino all'ingresso della Nino Ucchino Steel Art Gallery
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The Nino Ucchino Steel Art Gallery is the workshop of Nino Ucchino. The Sicilian artist has become world famous for his statues made of a very unusual material: stainless steel. The entrance to his workshop is located at the entrance to the village of Savoca. Inside you can see some of his sculptures and paintings.

The Nino Ucchino Steel Art Gallery is the workshop/museum of the Sicilian artist Nino Ucchino. During your visit to Savoca, you can ask the sculptor to show you the room where he collects some of his works. Finding the entrance to the Nino Ucchino Steel Art Gallery is not difficult. Just before you get to Piazza Fossia, which marks the beginning of the town, you will notice a steel statue of a donkey on the right. If you insert a coin, the animal will tell you the history of the village. It is one of the many creations of the artist found in Sicily, was made in 2012 and is entitled The Immortal Donkey. In fact, the donkey is an animal very dear to the artist, since it was his installation The Pyramid and the Hooves that made him famous all over the world. Across the street is another installation by the artist from 2012.

Who is Nino Ucchino

Nino Ucchino was born in 1952 in Santa Teresa Riva, a small town near Savoca. At the age of eight he began to approach the world of art by visiting the studio of the painter Silvio Timpanaro. After studying in Messina and Reggio Calabria, he moved to Milan at the age of 22. Here Ucchino began to exhibit his first paintings and met the painter Luca Crippa, whose student he became. For four years he worked from his studio in Via Brera, organizing solo and group exhibitions throughout Lombardy and abroad. In Rome, at the age of 28, he met the art critic Giulio Carlo Argan, who gave him great cultural support and whom he visited frequently for several years. A few years later he also met Giovanni Carandente who, enthusiastic about Ucchino’s graphic production, presented him in two solo exhibitions in Pesaro and in Germany. Nino Ucchino has exhibited not only in Italy, but also in galleries and public spaces abroad, such as Switzerland, France, Canada and China.

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