Kontiland: artistic Sicily in miniature

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Kontiland: artistic Sicily in miniature is an art-historical park located in Rina, a hamlet of the village of Savoca. Officially inaugurated in 2017, it now includes more than 30 full-scale reproductions of some of Sicily’s most famous monuments. They are the work of Giuseppe Lo Conti, a former bricklayer with a great passion for Sicily’s artistic heritage, who started the project in 2000.

What is Kontiland: artistic Sicily in miniature?

Kontiland: artistic Sicily in miniature is an artistic and cultural park dedicated to the most representative monuments of Sicily. It covers a terraced area of about ten thousand square meters, where there are more than thirty reproductions of Sicilian monuments. The miniatures are made of stone, clay and concrete on a scale of 1:15 to 1:50. A stone path reproduces the perimeter of Sicily from its distinctive triangular shape. The position of each reproduction in the ground tries to be as close to reality as possible. Inside the park there are also green areas for children and a restaurant. During the summer it is also possible to make reservations for an overnight visit.

The history of Kontiland Park

The story of Kontiland: artistic Sicily in miniature began in 2000 thanks to the intuition of Giuseppe Lo Conti. In fact, after a life spent as a bricklayer, he decided to try to make a scale miniature of the Cathedral of Messina. However, the monument chosen was not the easiest and in fact it took him eight months to complete it. After this experience, he decided to focus on monuments that are easier to make, thus reducing the construction time. In June 2017, he officially opened the Kontiland Art Park. Today there are more than thirty miniatures and new ones are added every year. Every part of Sicily is represented. From the most famous monuments of the coastal cities such as Palermo, Catania and Messina to those of the inland and less known Sicily.

How to reach Kontiland Park

Kontilando Art Park: artistic Sicily in miniature is located in Rina, a hamlet of Savoca. It is very easy to reach because it is only 10 minutes by car from the Roccalumera exit of the highway and 15 minutes from the Taormina exit. If you are planning to visit Savoca, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, you should include Kontiland in your itinerary. It is only 8 minutes by car from the village.

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