Bastion of Capo Marchiafava

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The bastion of Capo Marchiafava is an ancient defensive bulwark of Cefalù with a polygonal shape and a point projecting towards the sea. Completed in 1642, it is the most advanced northern bastion of the town’s fortification system. The name Marchiafava is a combination of the Arabic word Marsa, which means port, and the Sicilian word favara, which means spring. In fact, the presence of a fountain in this place is attested as early as 1546. From the small viewpoint of the bastion of Capo Marchiafava you can enjoy a beautiful panorama. If you look to the right, you can see the so-called “drunken rock”. Legend has it that a ship carrying a load of wine was wrecked on this rock. On certain days it is possible to see some of the Aeolian Islands on the horizon. In fact, there is an old saying that says: “When the island appears, either sirocco or mistral”.

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