Pescara Gate (Cefalù)

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Porta Pescara is the only surviving one of the four gates that opened along the walls of Cefalù. Its construction dates back to the period when Cefalù was ruled by the Ventimiglia family, between 1200 and 1300. Remains of small columns from that period can still be seen in the passage. The long history of this characteristic entrance to Cefalù is reflected in the many names that have been given to it. The names of Porta Pescara and Porta dei Viceri are linked to the figure of Francesco Ferdinando d’Avalos, Marquis of Pescara. In 1570, when he was viceroy, he oversaw the renovation and enlargement of the gate. The other names given to this arch are Porta Piscaria and Porta Marina, because in ancient times boats used to land here after fishing. Porta Pescara has the typical features of late medieval buildings, with a Gothic arch surmounted by the coats of arms of the Kings of Sicily.

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