The Antica Farmacia Cirincione

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The Antica Farmacia Cirincione in Cefalù is one of the four historical pharmacies in Sicily, along with the Farmacia Cartia in Scicli, the Farmacia Teresi in Palermo and the Antica Farmacia in Roccavaldina. With its 150 years of history, it is also one of the oldest pharmacies in Italy and is a member of the Italian Academy of Pharmacy History.

History of the Antica Farmacia Cirincione

The Antica Farmacia Cirincione was founded in 1820 by Donna Maria Teresa Longo. Its location has remained the same throughout the years: number 144 Corso Ruggero, just a few steps from the Cathedral of Cefalu. After Donna Maria, her son Salvatore took over the management of the pharmacy from the Cirincione branch. In 1911 her sons Giovanni and Francesco took over, followed in 1957 by Salvatore and Giovanni. Since May 19, 2000, the management has been in the hands of the fifth generation, a truly Italian record. If the Cartia Pharmacy in Scicli was made famous by the Commissario Montalbano series, the Cirincione Pharmacy owes its fame to a movie. Art cinema lovers will recognize it in the film “To each his own”, directed by Elio Petri and shot entirely in Cefalù in 1967.

The interior of the pharmacy

The interior of the Antica Farmacia Cirincione preserves the original Venetian style furnishings of the late 18th century. They have been preserved even after the expansion in the 1960s, when the adjacent premises were purchased. The furniture, with its showcases containing medicines, has a fine lacquer finish, with carved friezes superimposed and covered with shining pure gold. Also beautiful are the paintings, such as those in the doorway to the back store, where refined female figures dominate. Instead, images of ladies, satyrs and knights alternate among the various display cases, very reminiscent of the Pompeian style.

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