Former Church of the Carmine (Taormina)

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The construction of the Carmine Church of Taormina dates back to the 16th century. Attached to the baroque building was a convent of Carmelite monks. Bombings in 1943 destroyed both buildings. The church was rebuilt and restored in the 1980s and is now a venue for exhibitions and events. Also part of the former Carmelite church was a crypt, which can still be visited today. A staircase leads to a small rectangular room with a vaulted roof. This is a “putridarium”, a small room where the bodies of the deceased were dried. Inside the church was preserved the so-called “Unprocessed Madonna”, a painting on wood with the typical features of Byzantine art and decorative elements in silver. The icon, found in pieces after the bombings of the Second World War, was reassembled and is now in the Taormina Cathedral. The former Church of the Carmine of Taormina is reached by a flight of steps from Corso Umberto I and is located just before of Porta Catania.

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