Piazza IX aprile in Taormina

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Piazza IX aprile is the main square of Taormina and its “living room”. Passing through Porta di Mezzo (coming from Porta Catania) the square opens up with the Church of San Giuseppe on the left and the former Church of Sant’Agostino on the right. This is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Taormina, from which you can see Mount Etna, the Bay of Naxos and the ruins of the ancient Taormina Theatre. Piazza IX Aprile is also famous for its clubs, the most famous of which is certainly the Wunderbar Caffè Taormina. Founded in 1870 as an inn, the Wunderbar is the oldest bar in Taormina. Its fame has grown since the 1960s thanks to the many celebrities who have frequented it, such as Tennessee Williams, Greta Garbo, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The view from Wunderbar’s summer terrace is certainly breathtaking, but it is priced separately from the drink, which is already very expensive. The square is so named because on April 9, 1860, during a mass in Taormina Cathedral, word spread that Garibaldi had landed in Marsala to begin the liberation of Sicily from the Bourbons. Although the news turned out to be false and the landing would not take place until the following month, the city wanted to pay tribute to the event.

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