Cittadella dei Maccari Beach

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The beach of Cittadella dei Maccari is one of the five beaches of the Vendicari Reserve. It takes its name from the nearby archaeological remains of a Byzantine settlement. It is the southernmost beach and marks the border of the reserve.

The beach of Cittadella dei Maccari

The beach of Cittadella dei Maccari is located at the extreme southern tip of the Vendicari Reserve. It takes its name from the nearby Byzantine archaeological site called Cittadella dei Maccari. The beach has golden sand and the sea is crystal clear. As in the rest of the reserve, there are no bathing establishments. You have to bring everything you need for the day. If you have children, it is important to know that, according to the regulations of the reserve, you cannot bring balls or beach toys. Three entrances with stone steps lead to different environments: caves in the sand, small cliffs or a long strip of white sand leading to the Tonnara di Vendicari.

Monuments and places of interest in Cittadella dei Maccari beach

Near the beach of Maccari there are some archaeological sites that you can visit. They are related to a Byzantine settlement of the 6th century AD, abandoned after the first Arab raids. These are the ruins of the citadel of Maccari, which includes a Byzantine necropolis and the so-called Trigona. The latter is one of the many cubes present in Sicily, small churches with typical Byzantine architecture. Also in the area is a former wine millstone that, after being restored, hosts natural and cultural reviews of the area. From the entrance called “Cittadella Maccari” you can start one of the three itineraries among those possible inside the Vendicari Reserve. This is the green path, the longest of the three, which leads to Calamosche beach.

How to reach the beach

To reach the beach of Cittadella dei Maccari you have to take the provincial road SP 19 that connects Noto and Pachino. After taking the S. Lorenzo Consortile road, you will reach the S. Lorenzo IX road, which leads to the parking lot. This is a very short distance from the entrance to the Vendicari Reserve and therefore to the beach.

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